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I asked this yesterday but I was told my answer was incorrect by my professor.

ln x^5 - ln x^2 = 3 solve for the unknown.

I have reviewed my Log laws but yet I still cannot figure out what the answers are. The question asks for me to write all answers as a comma separated list. can anyone please help?

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    You must be talking about this post, which Steve answered.

    I would do it exactly the same way, and get the same answer.
    Don't know why your prof told you it was wrong..

    Here is another way to do it:

    using log(A/B) = logA - logB

    ln x^5 - ln x^2 = 3
    ln (x^5/x^2) = 3
    log x^3 = 3
    3logx = 3
    log x = 1
    x = e^1 = e
    same answer as before.

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