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What is the quotient in simpliest form? State any restrictions on the variable.
x+2/x-1 divided by x+4/x^2+4x-5.

My answer (x+2)(x+5)/x+4; don't get the restriction part either -5,-4 or 1,-4,-5

Can someone please help?

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    For typing of this kind of question in this format, brackets are of critical importance

    I will assume you meant:

    (x+2)/(x-1) ÷ ( (x+4)/(x^2 + 4x - 5) )


    = (x+2)/(x-1) * (x^2 + 4x - 5)/(x+4)
    = (x+2)/(x-1) (x+5)(x-1)/(x+4)
    = (x+2)(x+5)/(x+4) , x ≠ 1, -5,-4

    In the original divisor of (x+4)/((x-1)(x+5)
    is x = 1 or -5, that expression would be undefined, so we restrict those values

    similarly looking at the final answer, we are dividing by x+4.
    If x = -4 , we could be dividing by zero, a no-no
    So we have restrictions of 1, -5, -4

    your answer is correct, other than the above restrictions.

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