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1. We held a meeting to discuss why the sale of tickets to the class dance has been so (sluggish, rotund) and what we can do about it.

2.At the State Fair, we separated to visit different exhibits, but we agree to (saunter, rendezvous) at the refreshment stand at five o' clock.

3.Only the (optional, outright) repeal of this unfair nuisance tax will satisfy the voters.

4.Many people, unhappy with what nature has given them, seek to improve their appearance by (tinting, ceding) their hair

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    5. It is sad to see how in just a few years the lean young athlete has allowed himself to become flabby and (giddy rotund)

    6.In times of crisis we may be called on to (deluge subordinate) our personal interests to the needs of the nation as a whole.

    7.Many Western films include a character who is out to (intimidate avenge) a wrong done to a close friend or relative

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    Right again.

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