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This table gives the number of AIDS cases reported in men in Los Angeles from 1983-1989:

Month and Year
of Diagnosis AIDS cases reported in period
Jan-June 83 116
July-Dec 83 154
Jan-June 84 197
July Dec 84 269
Jan-June 85 415
July-Dec 85 503
Jan-June 86 668
July-Dec 86 773
Jan-June 87 952
July-Dec 87 933
Jan-June 88 955
July-Dec 88 943
Jan-June 89 967

• Looking at the data, determine for which points an exponential function fits this data, and for which points the growth is not exponential.

• Because patterns change in real life, to create a true function to represent these data, you need to piece together two equations, called a piecewise function: you'll need to clearly state the domain for which each equation applies. Find these two equations of best fit either by hand or with a graphing calculator, making sure that you're finding two (or more) separate equations for the different sections of the graph.

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