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1/4a+2 + 4/6a+3

I got 14/6(2a+1)
but I don't think it is right

  • math exam prep question -

    1/(4a+2) = 1/2(2a+1)
    4/(6a+3) = 4/3(2a+1)

    Now you have

    1/2(2a+1) + 4/3(2a+1)
    Change it all to be over 6(2a+1):

    3/6(2a+1) + 8/6(2a+1) = 1/6(2a+1)
    How did yo get 14?

    forget the (2a+1) for now

    1/2 + 4/3 = 3/6 + 8/6 = 11/6

  • math exam prep question -

    oops. typo. that is 11/6(2a+1), not "1"

  • math exam prep question -

    oh yeah sorry for some reason i did 8+6/6(2a+1) should have been 11 thanks for the help:)

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