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Can Someone help me put my answers in spanish?

¿Alguna vez has comido insectos?
Answer:No I never have. I have bugs!

¿Cuánto tiempo has estudiado español?
Answer:I've studied spanish for about two years now.

¿Habías estudiado en una "escuela virtual" antes?
Answer:Yes, last year was my first year using a virtual school.

¿Alguna vez has bailado salsa?
Answer:No I haven't.

¿Cuál es la mejor película que has visto?
My favorite movie is Twlight.

¿Habías estudiado español antes de "Virtual High School?
No I didn't.

¿Has leído algún libro interesante?
No I haven't.

¿Cuál es la mejor comida que has comido?
Arroz con leche!

¿Qué deporte ha jugado tu mejor amigo o amiga por más tiempo?
My friend's don't play sports.

¿Estás interesado o interesada en aprender español?
Yes, I know a little because I'm mexican!

  • SpanishHELP? :/ -

    After you've posted your answers, I'll send them to SraJMcGin.

  • SpanishHELP? :/ -

    My answers are posted below the questions in english. -__-

  • SpanishHELP? :/ -

    oops -- Sorry.

  • SpanishHELP? :/ -

    Please understand that we do NOT do the work for you, but help you AFTER you have tried. Here's a handy hint for answering questions. Often the very verb in the question is what you use in the answer. However if the question asks what YOU do, you must answer: "I do....."

    Again, this would be much easier to refer to, IF you numbered each one. I see you have 1-10 and that you have written Spanish for #8. Since each question should be answered in a complete sentece, here's what to do with #8. Use it as a pattern and try the rest. Watch how the words that are already in the question, return in the answer:
    La mejor comida que he comido es arroz con leche.

    Now, try the rest. Since you did NOT finish the others that I helped you with, I no longer have kept them. I will only keep this one until you have had a chance to answer.


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