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State the domain and range of the relation y = 2x + 3

My answer:
y= 2x+3
y= 2(1)+3=5
domain: 1
range: 5

This is how my book showed me how to do it. I just wanted to make sure I did it right. If not could you please give me an example?

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    Why are you subbing in x = 1 ?
    Did you omit some part of the question?

    If y = 2x + 3
    you have a straight line, which would go on forever,
    so the domain is the set of real numbers
    and the range is the set of real numbers.

    I am sure you are mis-reading what the book does, perhaps there were some limitations placed on the length of the line ?

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    What they did in their example is substitute x with one. I wasn't exactly sure why they were doing that so I came on here in hopes that someone could better explain it. Thank you!

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