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Which of the following is NOT a fossil? (1 point)

outline of a fern found in a rock

petrified wood in the desert

baby mammoth found in a glacier

old stone tools found in a cave

_____ is based on the idea that younger rock layers are deposited on top of older rock layers in undisturbed areas. (1 point)

Radiometric dating

Relative dating


An example of direct evidence for evolution is _____. (1 point)

genetic changes in plants

antibiotic resistance in bacteria

pesticide resistance in insects

all of the above

Which of the following is a reason why the fossil record is incomplete? (1 point)

Sedimentary rocks are destroyed or changed.

Some fossils are now underwater.

Few organisms become fossils.
all of the above

Which of the following explains why the fossil record is important to scientists? (1 point)

Fossils show scientists organisms that no longer exist.
Fossils provide data on different rocks.
Fossils release radioactivity.
all of the above

ok im going to search in my book for the answers brb one sec.

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    answer A<D,B<C,A

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    well if it helps I can only give you 1-4 idk the fifth:

    1. old stone tools found in a cave
    2. relative dating
    3. all of the above
    4. all of the above
    trust me! good luck :D

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    Well i still don't know the fifth but if I were to guess I would say the answer is

    A the others just don't sound right good luck again! hope it helped

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    outline of a fern found in a rock

  • Urgent Science!!! -

    I just took that test the last Q is C Similarities between species

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