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A steel tank at 300 K contains 0.285 L of gas at 1.92 atm pressure. The tank is capable of withstanding a maximum pressure of 5.76 atm. Assuming that doubling the kelvin temperature causes the internal pressure to double,

a. at what temperature will the tank burst?

b. will it burst if placed in a fire burning at 1275 K?

I was told to use (V1/T1) = (V2/T2) but do I keep the same volume?

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    I misspoke. I should have said (P1/T1) = (P2/T2)
    a. You can work a without any work except reasoning on your part. If you double the pressure that will be 1.92*2 = 3.84 atm and that is less than 5.76 so that tank should not rupture.

    Use the above p/t formula.
    P1 = 1.92 atm
    T1 = 300 K
    P2 = ?
    T2 = 1275 K.

    (1.92/300) = (P2/1275)
    Solve for P2 and compare with the rupture pressure of 5.76 atm.

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