6th grade s.s forgot textbook in locker!!!!

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Need help immediatly!!! If someone already posted please still post! And I'm not doing this becuze I'm lazy but becuze I forgot my textbook in my locker and there's nothing on the internet to help!!!


1.What river makes london a center for world trade?
2.What are the leading energy sources in british economy?
3.these fossil feuls come from________________.
4.the goverment of the united kingdom is a__________.
5.what was the magna carta?
6.what did the petition of rights say?
7. What did the english bill of rights passed in 1689 do?
8.describe the government of the united kingdom today.
9.what is irelands nickname?______________why?____________
10. Irish farmers raise _____&_______and grow vegetables such as ______&_______.
11. In 1840s diseases distroyed the________.
12. Irelands two languages are_________&________.
13. Of all the arts, irish have had their greatest influence on__________.
14. What is the conflict over northern ireland about?
15. What 5 nations make up scandinavia? __________,______________,_______________, and _____________.
16.scandinavias physical landscape varied because of its_____________________.
17. __________________ stretch over denmark and the southern part of sweden and finland.
18. ______________ form a backbone along the border of the norway and sweden.


19.the land in the far north is barren tundra that__________.
20. What physical feature is special about iceland?
21. What physical feature is special about norway?
22. How might a mixed economy benefit a country?
23.why is copenhagen denmark important to world trade?

That's it!!!! Who ever answers this..... THANK U SO MUCHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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