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The patient in the figure below is to receive an intravenous injection of medication. In order to work properly, the pressure of fluid containing the medication must be 108 kPa at the injection point.

(a) If the fluid has a density of 1024 kg/m3, find the height at which the bag of fluid must be suspended above the patient. Assume that the pressure inside the bag is one atmosphere.

Your response differs from the correct answer by more than 10%. Double check your calculations. m
(b) If a less dense fluid is used instead, must the height of suspension be increased or decreased?

  • Physics -

    1 atm =101300 Paá

    p=p₀+ρgh= =>
    h=(p-p₀)/ρg =
    =(108000 -101300)/ 9.8•1024=
    =0.668 m
    If ρ₂<ρ₁, h₂>h₁

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