Government Precedent questions

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I need some help with these.

IN Everson V. Board of education, what was the precedent?

In Engle v. Vitale, what was the precedent?

And in, Wallace vs. Jaffree, the precedent is..?

Please help me out there.

  • Government Precedent questions -

    everson incorporated the establishment clause (1st amendment)(applied to the states rather than just the fed govt, since technically the BOR only applies to fed government)

    engle v vital said that you can't have school prayer (basically did the same thing as everson with the incorporation doctrine)

    and wallace v jeffree said that even if the school prayer is silent it still violates the first amendment (public school attendance is mandated by the government which is why these court cases passed if that helps)

    i hope this helps- basically all three of these cases dealt with the first amendment and applying its doctrines (the establishment clause in particular) to the states. The establishment clause is that bit about "congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."

    Good luck with the rest of your homework and I hope this isn't too late to be of use
    ps if you wikipedia these cases theres tons more info!

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