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what is the kinetic energy of a 3 kg 20 cm diameter bowling ball with a linear velocity of 4m/s? (rolling and spinning)

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    No helped you yet? hold on i'll help you okay so..

    What is step one?

    1. Look at your numbers.

    What is step 2?

    2. Find your key words to see what you are trying to find. if you need me to go any further, I will.

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    This girl, I suspect you have no clue here.

    The KE at the bottom consists of rolling KE, and translational KE.

    KE rolling=1/2 (momentinertia)w^2
    where w=v/radius
    KE translational=1/2 m v^2

    so what is the momentofinertia of a solid sphere?

    Put in v, and radius, and calculate.

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    How did you know. XD i was just trying to allow him to try and figure it out.

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