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Chemistry PLEASE HELP:(

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I really need someone to explain this stoichiometry problem.
Outline how to determine the limiting agent.
Determine the excess reactant and how much is left over.
Determine the amount of each of the products produced.
CaSO4 + AuF3 = CaF2 + Au2(SO4)3
Start with 15 grams of each reactant.

I know you have to balance the equation first. Then from there, I'm lost.

Please help me! :(

  • Chemistry PLEASE HELP:( -

    Here is a limiting reagent problem I've posted that gives exact detailed steps. These limiting reagent problems are a bit long and involved, especially when asking for the amount that remains unreacted (as this one does) but this procedure will work them.
    Here is the link. Post your work if you get stuck and I shall be happy to help you through it. If you run into trouble be sure and tell me what you don't understand.

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