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A photon interacts with a ground state electron in a hydrogen atom and is absorbed. The electron is ejected from the atom and exhibits a de Broglie wavelength of 3.188*10^-10m Determine the frequency (in hz) of the interacting photon.

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    The momentum of the electron is h /(wavelength)
    h is Planck's constant. Use that to compute the electron energy.

    Add the electron energy to the ionization energy (13.6 eV) for the photon energy.

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    E = P^2/2Me + E(first ionization)

    P= h / BroglieWavelength

    E(first ionization)=21.7*10^-19

    Me= 9.1*10^-31

    h= 6.626*10^-34

    frecuency(hz)= E / h

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    i put the numbers into the formula but didn't worked..where's my fault? my E=5.796*10^-31 ; my f=874.8039
    maybe someone can tell me please what's wrong here, thx

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