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For AsClF4^2-:

a)Name the hybridization of the orbitals of the central atom.

b)Estimate the Cl-As-F bond angle.
i)Slightly less than 90
ii)Exactly 90
iii)Slightly greater than 90
iv)Slightly less than 109.5
v)Exactly 109.5
vii)Slightly greater than 109.5
viii)Slightly less than 120
xv)Exactly 120
ix)Slightly greater than 120
xi)Slightly less than 180
xii)Exactly 180
xii)Slightly greater than 180

c)Calculate the maximum wavelength, λ (lambda) , of electromagnetic radiation capable of breaking the weakest bond in AsClF4^2- . Express your answer in meters (m).

Bond Bond energies (kJ/mol)
As-As 180
F-F 160
Cl-Cl 240

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    What are answers of a) and b) ??

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    a)vii b)i

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    b)i:Slightly less than 90

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    this is cheating...

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