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algebra/ word problem

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Justin paddles his kayak 6 miles upstream in 1,5 hours. he turns around and paddles downstream, the same distance, in only 1 hour. What is the rate in still water and what is the rate of the water's current

  • algebra/ word problem -

    let x - rate in still water
    y - rate of current
    R * T = D
    UPS x-y 1.5 6mi
    DOWNS x+y 1 6mi

    1.5(x-y)=6 ----- 1.5x-1.5y = 6
    -1.5[(x+y)=6] -- -1.5x-1.5y = -9
    by elimination -3y = -3
    method y = 1mph(current)
    x=5mph (still water)

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