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1. What does the stained attire of the Knight suggest about his personality? (1 point)
The Knight is careless and unreliable.
The Knight is modest and honorable.
The Knight is deferential and dejected.
2. What flaws are attributed to the Church based on the description of the Prioress and the Monk? (1 point)
disregard of the needy
intolerance of differing views
strictness in punishing sinners
3. What is the denotative meaning of the vocabulary word devout? (1 point)
4. Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in vernacular because ________. (1 point)
he wanted to please the aristocracy of his time
he managed to capture the rhythm of everyday speech
he was inspired by Italian poets such as Dante and Boccaccio
5. The underlined words are an example of _______.

Everybody bent over backwards to help Suzie in her project.
(1 point)
6. Which is the subject of the following sentence?

The first library was probably built in Mesopotamia four thousand years ago.
(1 point)

My answers

  • english -


  • english -

    1. b
    2. a
    3. a

  • english -

    I just took this test the answes are
    1: b
    2: a
    3: a
    4: c
    5: a
    6: b

  • english -


  • English 4 Foundations A: The Canterbury Tales: The Prologue: -

    The Answers are as Follows:

    1. B. The knight is modest and honorable
    2. A. Disregard of the needy.
    3. A. Pious
    He was inspired by Italian poets such as Dante and Boccaccio.
    5. A. Idiom
    6. B. Library

    If you selected all the answers above then, your score should be
    6/6 (100%).

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