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Which continent is located on 40 degrees north 100 degrees east?

Can you give me a map online?

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    Would it be asia?

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    Yes, it's Asia. That location is in China.

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    What continent is located on 20 degrees north and 30 degrees east?

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    Here's another useful map.

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    Okay Thanks.

    What continent is located on 30 degrees south and 140 degrees east?

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    40 degrees north 100 degrees west
    North america?

    20 degrees south 60 degrees west
    south america?

    50 degrees north 15 degrees east europe

    80 degrees south 140 degrees east

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    All are right. :-)

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    Thank you!

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    You're welcome.

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    40 and 60= europe

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    Which continent is located on 23.5 degrees north and 160 degrees east

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    Which continent is located on 20 degrees south and 26 degrees west

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    Which continent is located on 20 degrees south and 26 degrees east

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