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How many atoms of carbon are in 325 g of tin (II) acetate?

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    First, determine how much of the 325g is carbon.

    324g [(molar mass of 2 carbon)/(molar mass of Sn(CH3CO2)2)]

    Then, convert grams of C to mole by dividing by C's molar mass.

    Finally, convert the mole to atoms. You know for every one mole there is 6.022 × 10^23 atoms.

  • chemistry - opps -

    ^I meant molar mass of 3* carbons, because there are actually 3 carbons in Sn(CH3CO2)2

  • chemistry-opps again -

    ^I meant molar mass of 4* carbons, because there are actually 4 carbons in Sn(CH3CO2)2

    Sorry about that.

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