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Physics, waves

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A string vibrates in its fundamental mode with a frequency of 200 Hz. The string is 0.64 m long and has a mass of 1.61 g. With what tension must the string be stretched?

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    v = (T/mu)^0.5
    where v is the speed, T is the tension, and mu is the linear density

    v = lamda*f ; lambda = 2*L for the fundamental mode, where f is the frequency, and lambda is the wavelength

    f = (1/(2*L))*(T/mu)^0.5

    1.61 g = 0.00161 kg
    mu = 0.00161/0.64

    200 = (1/(2*0.64))*(T/mu)^0.5

    Plug in mu; use algebra to solve for T

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