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What shadow would a 137cm tall child cast at 9am 10am 11am 12noon 1pm 2pm 3pm and 4pm if they were facing north in january?

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    There are so many variables undefined that it is impossible to say.

    Are there clouds?
    Is the ground level?
    Is the child standing straight up? sitting? lying down?
    What latitude is involved?

    What possible difference does it make which direction the child is facing?

    Who are "they"?

    Some of the questions may seem ridiculous (and some are intended to be), but it shows how important it is to nail down the specifics of a situation before asking questions about it.

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    That would depend upon the latitude, since it determines the sun's elevation at those hours.

    Also, the child's shadow's length will not depend upon the direction he or she is facing.

    Who thought up this crazy question? Take a look at whether your method of

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    ..whether your method of education is appropriate

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