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I turned these in and my teacher said all my answers were wrong. I'm so confused because when I go through my chapter it says differently.Can someone please help?!

A. Supply the correct form of the adjective.
1. rojo

Hay una pluma _____ encima de la mesa.
2. alto

La chica _____ está en la casa.
3. pequeño

Hay tres libros _____ en la bolsa.
4. poco

Hay _____ chicos en la clase.
5. mucho

Hay _____ chicas en la clase.
6. bonito

Hoy es un día _____.
7. guapo

Él es un hombre _____.
8. negro

Ella tiene pelo _____.
9. rubio

Él tiene pelo _____.
10. simpático

Muchas personas _____ viven en Latino América.
B. Make the following nouns and their articles plural. (watch spelling)
1. la chica
2. el tapiz
3. el libro
4. el papel
5. el nombre
6. el idioma
7. la voz
8. la ley
9. la pluma
10. el examen

My answers are below.

A. Supply the correct form of the adjective.
1. Roja
2. Alta
3. Pequenos
4. Pocos
5. Muchas
6. Bonito
7. Guapo
8. Negro
9. Rubio
10. Simpaticas

B. Make the following nouns and their articles plural. (watch spelling)

1. La chica las chicas
2. El tapiz los tapices
3. El libro los libros
4. El papel los papeles
5. El nombre los nombres
6. El idioma los idiomas
7. La voz las voces
8. La ley las leyes
9. La pluma las plumas
10. El examen los examines

  • Spanish 2 -

    I'll send this to our Spanish expert, SraJMcGin.

  • Spanish 2 -

    Perhaps your teacher had the wrong "key" to correct what you turned in? It would have been easier on these old eyes, if your answers had been WITH the items, but I have also done your homework, and out of 20 answers, you only missed 4!

    In part 1, #3 requires the tilde on pequeños and #10 requires the accent mark on simpáticas. But the number and gender were correct for each one.

    In part 2, #2 requires the accent mark and spelling change of z to c in los tápices and #10 requires the accent mark and not the i but e in los exámenes.

    If you need the rule for written accent marks, there must ALWAYS be an accent mark on the 3rd from the end syllable, if you want to hear it. The spelling change is that a z, followed by e (as in the plural) changes to c = lápices is another example.

    I would say you have done well!


  • Spanish 2 -

    Ms.Sue thanks for sending it to the expert. And SraJMcGin thanks so much for taking a look at it and helping me. I'm going to speak with her. Thanks so much and sorry about the separated answers.

  • Spanish 2 -

    Please let me know what your teacher says? I wish you had been MY student!


  • Spanish 2 -

    2 alta
    4 pocos
    5 muchas
    6 Bonito
    7 guapo
    8 negro
    9 rubio
    10 simpáticas

    1. las chicas
    2. Los tapices
    3. Los libros
    4 Los papeles
    5. Los nombres
    6. Los idiomas
    7. Las voces
    8. Las plumas
    Los exámenes

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