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identify the vertex, axis of symmetry and the dirction of opening for y=-(x-6)^2-5

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    Direction is opening down(maximum)
    I don't know the axis of symmetry...but I hope this helped:)

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    Vertex at x = 6, y = -5. That is the largest possible value of y along the curve.
    Axis of symmetry is x = 6 vertical line.
    Direction of the parabola's opening is down

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    Oh wait for the axis of symmetry put the vertex form to standard form and then do

    For example:
    x^2+6x+13 A=1 B=6 C=13
    Axis of Symmetry equation x=-b/2a

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    (x-6)^2 is the same both sides of x = 6. For this problem you do not need
    [-b +/- sqrt(b^2-4ac) / 2a

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    ok well sorry:P

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