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Why is t= ln(2)/.04 the same
as t= 25ln(2)?
Please explain it step by step. What rule do you use or how do you change the .04 to the 25?

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    Divide 1 by 0.04 using long division.
    You will get 25.

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    think of it as
    ln(2) * (1/.4)
    and 1/.04= 25

    (just use your calculator to find 1/.04 or
    1/.04 = 100/4 (multiply top and bottom by 100)
    = 25

    so ln(2)/.04 = ln(2) * 25
    = 25 ln(2)

    (I believe Damon answered this same question for you before)

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    Reiny thank you because I didn't answer Damon's I knew it had to have something to do with 25 being 1/4 of 100 but your explanation of thinking of it as * 1/4 made sense to me so thank you

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    1/0.04 = 1/(1/25)= 25

    1 divided by a number is called the reciprocal of the number.

    The reciprocal of a fraction is the upside-down fraction.

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