Complex Algaebra, Plz Help!!

posted by Samantha

Good evening to all around the world.

Need help with this question, however i must show my answers supported by the working out. Please help.

This question is difficult, the one who solves it for me is my hero!!!!

Two functions f and g are defined by
F:x (arrow) 25/(3x-2)
g:x (arrow) x^2

a) The inverse function f-1
b)The composite function fg
c) The solution of equation fg(x)+2/(x-1).

Please show me how to work it out so i understand. Thank you!!!!! x

  1. Damon

    What does (arrow) mean?

  2. Samantha

    If we can assume it means =

    I think that is right

  3. Damon

    y = 25/(3x-2)
    find inverse
    x = 25/(3y-2)
    3 x y - 2 x = 25
    3 x y = (2x - 25)
    y = (2x-25)/3x

    f(x^2) = 25/(3x^2-2)

    c is not an equation, no = sign
    so no solution

  4. Samantha

    Sorry i wrote c wrong


    the solution of equation fg(x)=2/(x-1)

    really sorry, had less sleep last night

  5. Damon

    25/(3x^2-2) = 2/(x-1)
    25(x-1) = 6 x^2 - 4
    25 x - 25 = 6 x^2 - 4

    6x^2 -25 x +21 = 0

    (6x-7)(x-3) = 0

    x = 3 or 7/6

  6. Samantha

    Could you ellaborate further on how you got your answer for b please Damon.

    The composite function fg

    thank you

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