maths --plse help me..

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A man has Rs 50,000.He invests some part of it in one bank @ of 11 p.c.p.a. and the remaining money in another bank @ of 9 p.c.p.a.He gets a combined simple interest of Rs 5,400(i.e the S.I of one bank + S.I of another bank = 5,400).Then find the amount of money invested in both the banks individually

  • maths --plse help me.. -

    .11 a + .09 b = 5400
    b = 50,000 - a
    .11 a + .09 (50,000 -a) = 5400
    .11 a + 4500 - .09 a = 5400
    .02 a = 900
    a = 45,000
    b = 5,000

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