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math To MS.SUE

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Ms sue i really want a hundred percent on one algebra test im in algebra and im so smart and good at math but the thing is in my class we tooken 4 tests and on all of then i only got one wrong whit the most minor common mistake i don't understand just one question wrong i really need your advice on how to get a hundred percent on the next test plz ms.sue thank you

  • math To MS.SUE -

    I wouldn't worry much about missing one problem because of a minor error. Many very smart engineers and mathematicians make minor errors. My son, now with a masters in engineering from Stanford, didn't ace all of his high and middle school tests because he usually made some small arithmetic area

    Of course, you should go back over your work if you have time.

    Good luck!

  • math To MS.SUE - correction -

    error -- not area.

    See what I mean about minor errors? <g>

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