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An electron is accelerated from rest to a velocity of 2.0x10^7 m/s.
a) if the electron travelled 0.10m while it was being accelerated, what was its acceleration?
b)How long did the electron take to attain its final velocity?

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the equations I have to use are V2²=V1²+2ad for part a and V=d/t for part b. Thanks for your help.

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    a. V^2=Vo^2 + 2a*d. Your Eq is correct.
    a = (V^2-Vo^2)/2d.
    a = (4*10^14-0)/0.2 = 2.0*10^15 m/s^2.

    b. V = Vo + at.

    t = (V-Vo)/a.
    t = (2*10^7-0)/2*10^15 = 1*10^-8 s.

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    An electron starts from rest travels a distance of 15cm with constant acceleration and hits a television screen at a speed of 3×10^6m/s.Calculate the acceleration of the electon.

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