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What was the nature and extent of the Umayyad Empire? How do you answer this question? What's an empire's nature? HELP PLEASE!

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    Now it's been a while.. But I'm guessing the nature of an empire is similar to the nature of an animal or human. Like human nature, is our human tendencies. So in a similar fashion, the nature of an empire would be the tendencies of an empire: were they more trade based? More war-oriented? Was the emperor benevolent? Did it have good relations with others? When it conquered did it leave the original ruler in place and not force a culture change? Or was it completely the opposite? What was the culture like?

    I answered your questions with more questions... But hopefully it'll help you

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    The questions certainly helped. I figured that's what they were asking, I just wasn't completely sure. And the extent, would be basically where it extended to?

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    Definitely. If you want to be more in depth, you can also include the cultural extent! But I'm sure that's a little too much

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    Thanks so much for the help!

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    I'm just giving back ;)

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