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Summer Growing Season 

can't write it as a definition, please help

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    The summer growing season is the time of year when plants grow in the temperate climate zone.

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    temperate climate zone????

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    Most of the United States is in the temperate zone.


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    yeah... but what is it???

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    Plants, including farm crops can only grow when the temperatures are above freezing. Many crops require temperatures above 50 degrees at night and higher during the day. Their summer growing season is usually from early May through late September.

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    thank you

    Sales of cattle 

    Please help me with these words and then I'm done. I just have a hard time writing it as a definition.

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    You'll find sheep and silage in a dictionary.

    What does "sales of cattle" mean to you? I assume you know the meanings of each of the words.

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    To be honest with you I REALLY don't know.

  • English 8R - Project Help! -

    What does sales mean?

    What does cattle mean?

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    sales - action of selling something
    cattle - Large ruminants (Bos taurus) with horns and cloven hoofs, domesticated for meat or milk, or as beasts of burden; cows.

    can you help me out it together

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    First take a look at these pictures of cattle.


    We get our milk, cheese, and hamburger from cattle.

    Cattle sales are transactions in which a rancher sells his cattle to slaughterhouses.

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    Can you make the definition for kids to understand. I understand the slaughterhouses part.

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    never mind I use it because i google the definition for transactions

    thank you Ms. Sue!!! :)

    I hope I get a good grade on this project

  • English 8R - Project Help! -

    Good luck!

    And you're welcome, Laruen!

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