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What advice do you think John Locke would give to American politicians today?

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    I'll be glad to discuss your answer with you.

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    I said "I think John Locke heavily influenced American thinking. His idea of the Social Contract gave American the reason, even responsibility, to break away from England. We based our constitution on the philosophy of John Locke." but I need a little more.

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    Now you need to imagine what Locke would say to today's politicians.

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    well see, that's my problem. I cant really think of what he would say to American politicians today. I think he'd probably say something about our priorities or our unity as a nation. but that's as far as ive gotten

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    OK. Let's take a big problem today.

    Congress can't agree on a budget, which they should do by the end of the year. Each party blames the other side for not compromising. It looks as though the country will "go off the fiscal cliff" if Congress people can't agree on the budget.

    What would John Locke say to them?

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    I think he would tell them to get their priorities straight and focus on the big picture of how much this is affecting our nation. also that they need to really think about how to resolve this problem rather than putting it off.

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    I agree!

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    yay! thanks so much! :D

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    You're very welcome. :-)

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