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What is the molarity of a solution of Mg(OH)2 if the solution contains 1.35 g in exactly 100 mL of solution???

A 15.0 mL solution of H2SO3 is neutralized by 12.0 mL of a standradized 1.00M NaOH solution. What is the concentration of the H2SO3 solution??????

What volume of a 1.25M stock solution of NaCl would be needed to make up 250 mL of a .25M NaCl solution

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    mols Mg(OH)2 = gams/molar mass
    Then M = mols/L soln.

    H2SO3 + 2NOH => Na2SO3 + 2H2O
    mols NaOH = M x L = ?
    mols H2SO3 = 1/2 mols H2SO3 (look at the coefficients in the balanced equation.)
    M H2SO3 = mols H2SO3/L H2SO3.

    Use c1v1 = c2v2
    c = concn
    v = volume
    1.25M*v1 = 0.25*250
    Solve for v1

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    mols Mg(OH)2 = grams/molar mass

    m/L solution

    .0231/100ml = .00231

    ????? is that right?

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