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special scene analysisand reconstruction

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12.there are three types of pretending in children's dramatic play: pretending with regard to a role, pretending with regard to an object, and pretending with regard to an action. these three types of pretending were described by researcher?

a.lev vygotsky
b.rhoda kellog
c.sara smilansky
d.jean piaget example of a profolio product that demonstrates the child's work in the cognitive developmentchecklistis a?

a.picture with colors identified by the child. of the child's clay creation.
c.teachers record on how the child shares and takes turns.
d.tape of the child singing.

i think 12 is c and i think 13 is A
please let meknow if im wrong!!

  • special scene analysisand reconstruction -

    Samantha/Dayna -- evidently you didn't read the links I posted for you a little while ago or you would have gotten 12 right.

    I agree with your answer for 13.

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