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Is the phrase "like a moth to a flame" a simile or metaphor? i can see both....

Similes always use "like" or "as", which the phrase has "like" although it's not comparing...

So my answer is metaphor, but I'm not sure. Help!

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    The phrase is incomplete. We assume it's something like "She's attracted to football players like a moth to a flame."

    Now what do you think this is?

    Btw -- out of four words in your School Subject, you've misspelled two of them.

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    It is Metaphor. I think

  • Langauge Arts - Simile/Matephor -

    I know I misspelled two words; I figured it out as soon as I posted it. I always misspell language (and guard) for some reason and metaphor was an honest typo. My apologies.

    I'm still the new phrase, "she's attracted to football players like a moth to a flame", comparing? Does a simile even have to be comparing?
    Now that you made it complete, I think it's a simile because "like" is now used in the sentence.

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    Yes, it's a simile because of the word "like."

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    You're welcome.

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