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algebra 2

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check my answer please find the number of zeros(x-intercepts) y=3k^3-6k^2-45k=k(3k+9)(k-5)= k(3k^2-15k+9k-45)=k(3k^2-6k-45) or should i do it 3k(k-5) (k+3)=3k(k^2+3k-5k-15)=3k(k^2-2k-15) which on is the right one please let me know.thanks

  • algebra 2 -

    Yes you factor
    3k(k-5)(k+3) and your check says you did it correctly
    Now to find the zeros
    Set each factor = 0. And solve
    3k=0. K=0
    K-5=0. K=5
    K+3=0. K=-3

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