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1.How many grams are in one mole silicon?
2. how many moles are in 128 grams of oxygen gas (O2)?
3.How many molecules are in 2 moles of AIO?
4.How many moles are in 18.06 x 10 to the 23 power?
5. how many moles are in 100 grams of CH4?


    1. See the atomic mass for Si from the periodic table.
    2. mols = grams/molar mass
    3. There are 6.02E23 molecules in a mol.
    4. 1 mol is 6.02E23 so 18.06E23 must be ? mols.
    5. mols = grams/molar mass. Why would you write this? You should catch on that this is the same problem as 2. Once you know how to do that you should be able to convert grams of anything to mols.

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