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Read each phrase Write the possessive form for each item

the collar of the shirt
the shirt's collar

the project of the student
the student's project

the songs of the children
the childrens' songs

the decision of the judges
the judges' decision

the mooing of the cow
the cow's mooing

the bicycle of Marcus
Marcu's bicycle

the efforts of women
the womens' efforts

the pocked watch of my grandfather
my grandfather's pocked watch

the chirping of the sparrows
the sparrows' chirping

the suggestion of my mom
my mom's suggestion

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    Oops! --

    the songs of the children
    the childrens' songs

    the bicycle of Marcus
    Marcu's bicycle

    the efforts of women
    the womens' efforts

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    Now you're right.

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    Can you explain why it's children's? Because I thought in the sentence that children was plural so I would have to put the apostrophe after the s

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    Children doesn't end in s. So we add an apostrophe s to make it possessive.

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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