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A wave on a string is described by the relation y = A sin(30t - 0.041x), where t is measured in seconds and x in meters, with A = 0.16 m.
(a)Find the frequency of the wave. ____Hz
(b)Find the wavelength of the wave. ___m
(c)Find the speed of the wave. ___m/s


    y = A sin(30t - 0.041x)
    y = -Asin(0.041x - 30t)
    this is of the form y = A*sin(k*x - omega*t)

    k = 0.041
    omega = 30
    where omega = 2*pi*f; 30 = 2*pi*f; where f is frequency; use this to solve for answer in a)

    b) k = 2*pi / lambda, where lambda is wavelength;

    c) the speed of the wave is omega/k = lambda*f

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