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The vapor pressure of methanol is 84.0 mm Hg at 27.0°C. The ΔHvapor of methanol is 39.2 kJ/mol and R = 8.31 10-3 kJ/mol·K. Calculate the normal boiling point of methanol in Kelvin.

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    Never mind that one. I figured it out. But please help me with this one.
    The vapor pressure of benzene, C6H6, is 60.0 mm Hg at 13.5°C. The molar heat of vaporization of benzene is 30.8 kJ/mol and R = 8.31 10-3 kJ/mol·K. What is the vapor pressure of benzene at 70.0°C?

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    You say you figured out the methanol problem. This one is done the same way.
    p1 = 60 mm
    p2 = ?
    T1 = 13.5C + 273.15
    T2 = 70 + 273.15
    delta H vap = 30,800 J/mol.

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    I keep getting 469, but that's apparently not the answer...

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