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A 600,000-cell bacteria culture is needed for a lab experiment, but you only could purchase 1,000 cells. If the cells double each day, exactly how long will it be before the experiment can be run? Create a model for the bacteria. If the experiment is in seven days, how many cells would be required to purchase today?

  • trig -

    Since we are doubling, let's use a base of 2

    so 1000 (2)^t = 600,000
    2^t = 600
    log 2^t = log 600
    tlog 2 = log 600
    t = log 600/log 2
    = appr 9.23 days

    number of 7 days
    600,000 = n 2^6
    n = 600000/2^7 = 4687.5
    I would purchase 5000

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