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In five years,Emma will be three years more than twice as old as her son. Five years ago,she was two years less than five times, as old as her son. How old Emma now?

  • Math -

    Emma's present age ---- x
    son's present age -------y

    in 5 years:
    Emma = x+5
    Son = y+5
    but x+5 = 2(y+5) +3
    x - 2y = 8 (#1)

    5 years ago:
    Emma = x-5
    Son = y-5

    x-5 = 5(y-5) - 2
    x-5 = 5y - 25 - 2
    x - 5y = -22 (#2)

    #1 - #2:
    3y = 30
    y = 10
    in #1 : x -20 = 8
    x = 28

    Emma now is 28, her son is now 10

    in 5 from now:
    >b> Emma is 33 , her son is 15
    is 33 three more than twice 15 ? YES

    5 years ago:
    Emma was 23 , her son was 5
    is 23 two less than 5 times 5 ? YES
    All is good

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