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10. Suppose the cost C of removing p% of the impurities from the waste water in a manufacturing process is given by
a) Where does the graph of this function have a vertical asymptote?
b) What does this tell us about removing the impurities from this process?
c) Removing how many percent of the impurities yield the cost of $10800?

Thanks in advance ;).

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    ;). Thanks to anyone who tried, but i figured it out on my own.

    If anyone is interested in the answer....

    a) p=100
    b) means they can't remove 100% of the impurities.
    c) 18,00 = (3600p/100 - p)

    10,800(100 - p) = 3600p

    1,080,000 - 10,800 = 3600p

    1,080,000 = 14400p

    p = 75

    removing 75% will cost $10800.

    This is what i got, if i did anything wrong please correct me!

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    Oops, typo.

    10,800 = (3600p/100 - p) ***

    oh, and i just realized, the equation didn't show up when i asked the question.

    Suppose the cost C of removing p% of the impurities from the waste water in a manufacturing process is given by C(p) = (3600p/100 - p)**

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