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N2O5 dissolved in CCl4 decomposes to give N2O4 and O2. The reaction is first order with a half-life of 1234 seconds. How long will it take, in seconds, for the concentration of N2O5 to fall to 1.1% of its initial value?

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    Didn't I do this a couple of days ago for you?
    k = 0.693/t1/2
    Substitute and solve for k.

    ln(No/N) = kt
    Set any convenient number, such as 100, for No.
    N, then, is 1.1% No. For No = 100, N = 1.10
    k = from above.
    t = solve for t in seconds.

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    Please do not answer this post. This question is a part of the MIT edx 3.091 solid state chemistry curriculum, and posting or using this information is in direct violation of the honor code. Thank you :)

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    Thank you DrBob222,

    the fraction left after t seconds is (1/2)^(t/1234)

    (1/2)^(t/1234) = 0.011
    t = 8028.84

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