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A tow truck is pulling a car out of a ditch by means of a steel cable that is 9.3 m long and has a radius of 0.50 cm. When the car just begins to move, the tension in the cable is 1070 N. How much has the cable stretched?

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    Multiply the length L of the cable by the strain, (deltaL)/L

    You can get the strain from Hooke's law and Young's modulus of steel, E.

    Young's Modulus for steel is
    E = 2.0 x10^11 N/m2

    Stress = Strain/E

    Stress = 1070 N/(cable area)
    Cable area = pi*r^2 = 0.7854 cm^2
    = 7.854*10^-5 m^2
    Stress = 1.362*10^7 N/m^2
    Strain = 6.8*10^-5

    Cable Length increase = 6.3*10^-4 m

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