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I am doing an altar on founding mothers and my founding mother is Abigail Smith Adams and there are some questions that I need help on! Please help!!!!

Why should Abigail Adams be honored?
What plant best represent her ideals, character, or accomplishments and why?
What color best represent her and why?

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    Why do you think she should be honored?

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    It didn't answer any of my questions.

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    I don't know why she has to be honored? That's what I am confused. About and some other questions.

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    You have to use YOUR brain to decide why she should be honored. What did she do that you admire? No website is going to tell you what you admire. But the website does describe her achievements.

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    She was honored because she beloved that slavery was evil and threat to American democratic. She advocated and modeled an expended role for women in public affairs during formative days of United States. And she was the fist lady of USA. Is it right? That's why she was honored????
    How about other questions?

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    Yes, those are good. However, I believe you men "believed" not "beloved."

    Read through these lists of flowers and colors and their meanings to decide on the plant and color.

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    What plant represent her ants why? Why color represent her and why?
    For example: the tobacco plant represent George Washington.

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    I got the colors but no flowers!!!

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    Thank you so much!!!

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