algebra - absolute value

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i'm doing absolute value in open sentences and then graphing them. how would you solve |t-4| > t-4 ?

  • algebra - absolute value -

    it could be a no solution answer??

  • algebra - absolute value -

    +(t-4) > t-4
    0>0 , no solution


    -(t-4) > t-4
    -t+4 >t-4
    -2t > -8
    t < 4

    check with some numbers
    t = 1 , which is less than 4
    |1-4| > 1-4
    3 > -3 , YUP
    t = -50 , which is less than 4
    |-50-4| > -50 - 4
    54 > -54 , YUP

    let t = 6 , which is greater than 4
    |6-4| > 6-4
    2 > 2 , no, as it should be

    looks like t > 4 is my solution

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