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A golf resort offers the following two special packages. The Par 3 Package includes four nights of lodging and three rounds of golf for $443.50. The Par 5 Package includes seven night of lodging and five rounds of golf for $765.50. The rate for each night of lodging and for each round of golf are the same in both packages. How many dollars does one night's lodging cost?

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    cost of lodging ---x
    cost of golf ------ y

    4x + 3y = 443.50
    7x + 5y = 765.5

    1st times 5 --> 20x + 15y = 2217.5
    2nd times 3 --> 21x + 15y = 2296.5

    subtract them
    x = 79
    back in #1

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    Thank you so very much.

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