English 8R - help!!!!! (Project)

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Create a power point presentation that illustrates words that pertain to the rural environment.

- Select a letter from the alphabet
- Make a list of 10-15 words or terms that begin with that letter
- Create power point that defines each word
- Provide visual support for each word
- One word per slide

Is there a website that list all words that pertain to the rural environment (that's the hard part of the project which I need help with, everything else I'm good with it) aka country.

Please help!

  • English 8R - help!!!!! (Project) -

    I don't think so.

    I can think of several terms that begin with S.
    sparsely populated
    small town
    sales of cattle
    slow pace
    Spanish-speaking workers

  • English 8R - help!!!!! (Project) -

    that pertain to the "rural environment"

  • English 8R - help!!!!! (Project) -

    All of those pertain to a rural environment.

  • English 8R - help!!!!! (Project) -

    silence ???????? (do u mean that in a rural area there's silence because there's less population and in a urban area it's there's more population so there no silence????)
    slow pace ?????????
    Spanish-speaking workers ?????
    sylvan ???????
    sparsely populated (small population?!?!?!)
    sales of cattle ?????

  • English 8R - help!!!!! (Project) -

    In an urban area you hear cars and horns. You don't hear these very much in the country. Sparsely populated is a small population. People often live a mile or more from their nearest neighbor. How else do you think you get hamburger except for after the farmer sells some cattle? Google the others.

    Also --
    spring planting
    summer growing season

  • English 8R - help!!!!! (Project) -

    okkkk thank you

    pleassssse reply my science post

  • English 8R - help!!!!! (Project) -

    You're welcome. You can also add sows and sugar beets to your list.

    Sorry-- but I don't know the answers to your science post.

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