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Read each sentence COrrect any misplaced or missing commas. Rewrite the sentence.

The old restored building is downtown.
The old,restored building is downtown.

THe moody grumpy boy is Chris.
The moody,grumpy boy is Chris.

Alyssa brought those, delicious muffins.
Alyssa brought those delicious muffins.

The plain humble cottage is quite cozy.
The plain,humble cottage is quite cozy.

The game was short exiciting, and close.
The game was short,exciting and close.

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    All are correct except the last one.

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    The game was short, exciting,and close.

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    I'm wearing my new, red sweater.
    I'm wearing my new red sweater.

    The loud, jarring, music is annoying.
    The loud, jarring music is annoying.

    Come to our grand glorious celebration!
    Come to our grand, glorious celebration!

    Those big ugly bugs are everywhere.
    Those big, ugly bugs are everywhere.

    I need a warm, lined, jacket with a hood
    I need a warm, lined jacket with a hood

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    Thank you ms Sue! :D

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    You're welcome, Jerald. :-)

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